8 Safety Tips To Prevent Deadly Dog Attacks You Should Know

Dogs are great friends and guards. They can scare the sh*t out of intruders. But unfortunately, dogs also have a riskier side you should know of so you can take precautions to avoid stories that touch the heart. We would prefer the National Assembly and State Houses of Assembly to make a law stipulating stiff penalties for dog owners who leave their dogs to roam the streets unleashed. But before that happens safety tips are here as first aid.

See 8 safety tips you should know of:

  1. Keep away from dogs with puppies: mother dogs with puppies are very jealous and protective and wouldn’t mind biting you if you are any where near their new puppies. The only thing on the mind of that normally friendly dog after birth is protecting its young ones from danger.
  2. Never leave a baby or toddler alone with a dog: Some dog breeds are known not to like children. Furthermore, dogs have been known to attack children out of jealousy. Feeling that the child is stealing away the attention their owners should give them.
  3. Remember that pitbulls often prefer biting the neck than biting the legs. Don’t be deceived by their size.
  4. Avoid running from dogs: that can excite them. So, if possible, walk away calmly and get help.Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any content in this article. This article is purely for guidance.
  5. If there is a car, climb on it. Survival is the most important thing at this rate, not the fine paint or body work of the car.
  6. Beware of…Continue reading in the link below

6. Beware of stepping on a dog’s tail: it will snap out in pain mixed with anger with its sharp teeth. The final resting place of that snap is very likely to be the leg that matched it. Some dogs stay in dark corners of the street after NEPA takes light. And even when you walk close to their tails, they won’t make any noise – if you are now unfortunate enough to match the tail, na something else. So when walking in a dark street, shine your eyes well well.

7. Never delay feeding your dog: Dogs that are used to eating raw meat may begin to see children as meat. Even the owner might be at great risk without knowing. A hungry dog is a potential danger to everyone around.

8. Don’t feed your dog raw meet if you don’t want it to get blood thirsty: if you condition your dog to eat meat with blood, they will develop a taste for blood. While that might be good for guard dogs, would you want a blood thirsty dog as a pet?

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any content in this article. This article is purely for guidance.

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