‘Illegal’ refineries in Niger Delta could be our future Chevrons and Shells

Yes, a lot of these so-called illegal refineries pollute the environment. But, that is where government should bring in the regulation. I’m talking about a legalization for regulation and taxation scheme.

That way, the government makes sure the refineries supply the market with good quality fuels using processes that severly minimize polution.

For its troubles, the government gets to tax them and more revenue enters the governments coffershttps; pump prices become more bearable for motorists, and the entrepreneurs have peace of mind to expand and employ more Nigerians. Criminality comes down as employment rises.

Before you know it, we have more home grown oil companies registered with CAC, opening bank accounts with our banks and seeking to even expand internationally.

But the current system of just blowing up their refineries is akin to throwing the baby away with the bathwater

Source: Nairaland

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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