3 Safety Practices That Can Stop Android Phones From Exploding With Bomb Force

Do you know that an Android phone and its Battery(cell ) when ‘ON’ has the explosive power of a Bomb? Yes, it can explode with the force of a grenade that can kill persons within a radius of 2meters from the phone, even the person holding it!

Perhaps you have heard of Android phones causing explosions in gas stations that killed the person using it and others around? Below are safety tips to help you avoid such nonsense fate.

1. Avoid going to a Petrol station with your Android/smart phone “ON”.
Switch your Android phone “OFF”, make sure it is not “ON” before you enter a gas station.

If it is “ON” in a petrol station, resist the temptation to make or answer calls at that moment. A woman went to refill her gas cylinder and a call came in. According to media reports, after she answered the call, it ignited a huge blast in her immediate environment that killed her.

2. Avoid having your Android phone in the kitchen when cooking with a gas cooker. That immediately becomes a high risk environment. Because both the phone and the gas cylinder can explode!

3. Do not leave your phone to keep charging after it is fully charged. An Android phone battery that is already full but still charging is a serious danger.

So, avoid sleeping off when charging your phone the same way as you would avoid leaving food on the fire while you enjoy sweet sleep.

Please share to friends and family and others so they are aware.

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