The Part Of Igbo Land Where You Mustn’t Kill A Python

Pythons may be considered dangerous the world over, but in Idemili area of Anambra State, Igbo Land, people honour pythons so much that it is a taboo to harm or kill one. Pythons are called Eke Idemili, which literarily means ‘python of Idemili’.

Idemili people are known to gently entreat a Python that has entered their house to come out, rather than try to kill it.

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What happens if you decide to kill one to see what will happen? The community where the python was killed will force you to accord the snake a befitting burial like that of human being.

You will buy… (Article continues after the cut.)

coffin, bags of rice, cow/goat, rent canopies and chairs, pay for local canon to be shot and other expenses.

So, while in Idemili, don’t kill pythons.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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