First Step To Securing US Visa – US Embassy Reveals To Nigerians

Hello, fellow Nigerians. In case you want to get a Non-immigrant visa to the US visa and are wondering how to increase your chances, the US Embassy to Nigeria has just today released advice on how to avoid errors that might disqualifying you. Let U.S. Embassy Abuja Consular officers Heather and Kelly guide you.

See below:

Complete the DS 160 form correctly
Every applicant must complete the DS-160 form to apply for a U.S. Non-immigrant visa. U.S. Embassy Abuja Consular officers Heather and Kelly discussed common mistakes applicants make when completing the DS-160 form during a recent Facebook chat. They also stressed the importance of answering questions accurately and truthfully. These issues and their advice to reduce common errors follow.

The applicant must ensure he/she lists their current legal name exactly as it appears on his/her international passport. Under “Other names used”, applicants must write any other name they have previously used, even if un-official. This includes names misspelled on passports.

Travel Section
For the field that asks about the intended length of stay, applicants should provide a precise time estimate. If the length of stay changes prior to the interview date, inform the Embassy’s Consular Section.

List the exact address of your intended accommodation during your stay in the United States, especially if you plan to stay with relatives. For example, don’t write “New York, New York,” if in fact, you plan to stay in (the borough of) Brooklyn, New York. If your travel dates are still several months away and you don’t yet know where you will stay, simply indicate the city. The key point is to provide accurate information.

Travel Companions
Don’t just list those who require U.S. visas on the form. Indicate everyone with whom you are traveling, even if they are U.S. citizens and/or already have a U.S. visa(s).

Previous U.S. Travel
Applicants should provide information on their last five (or fewer) visits to the United States, whether in transit for twenty-four hours or less or a longer visit even if several years ago. Be sure to list up to your last five visits via the drop-down menu on the DS-160 form.

YES/NO questions
Be truthful and forthright. If you previously held a driver’s license in any U.S. state you must note it. If you were previously refused a U.S. visa note that as well. If you have family in the United States who are in the process of immigrating, you need to indicate that. Avoid describing your employment status, education or income as greater than it actually is. Always indicate any changes in your marital status such as separation or divorce.
Preparation and Submission Section
There’s a question about any assistance you might have received in filling out the form. The vast majority of people answer “no”, which is not always true. If you received any assistance in filling out the form select “Yes” and identify the person(s) who helped you.


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