Approved Lagos State Schools Term Dates 2019/2020 (Academic Calendar)

If you are a parent, Guardian or student in Lagos, you will find the info below useful:

Resumption: Monday 9th September, 2019
First Half: 9th September – 25th October, 2019
Literacy: 25th September, 2019
World Teachers Day: 5th October, 2019 (Private Schools to ensure participation)
World Girl Child Day: 11th October, 2019
Open Day (Primary): 29th October, 2019
Open Day (Secondary): 30th October, 2019
Mid-Term Break: 28th October – 1st November, 2019 (Private) and 31st October – 1st November, 2019 (Govt)
Second Half: 4th November – 13th December, 2019
World Physically Challenged Day: 3rd December, 2019
Vacation: 16th December – 3rd January, 2019.
Total Working Days: 65 Days

Resumption: Monday 6th January, 2020
First Half: 6th January – 14th February, 2020
DIVERSITY DAY: 14th February 2020

Open Day (Primary): 18th February, 2020
Open Day (Secondary): 19th February, 2020
Mid-Term Break: 17th – 21st February, 2020 (Private Schools) and 20th – 21st February, 2020 (Public Schools)
Second Half: 24th February – 3rd April, 2020
World Book Day: 6th March, 2020
Vacation: 6th – 17th April, 2020
Total Working Days: 60 Days

Resumption: Monday 20th April, 2020
WASSCE: April – May, 2020
First Half: 20th April – 28th May, 2020
Workers Day: 1st May, 2020
Children’s Day: 27th May, 2020
Open Day (Primary): 2nd June, 2020
Open Day (Secondary): 3rd June, 2020
Mid-Term Break: 1st – 5th June, 2020 (Private Schools) 4th – 5th June, 2020 (Public Schools)
Second Half: 8th June – 17th July, 2020
Placement Exam to Secondary Schools: July, 2020
BECE/NECO: April/June 2020
LASTVEB Exams: May/June 2020
NECO SSCE: June/July 2020
Vacation: 20th July – 4th September, 2020
Resumption for First Term 2020/2021: 7th September, 2020.

Total Working Days: 65 Days

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