How She Spots Nigerian Yahoo Boys – US Lady Reveals

An American lady has said she is able to identify Nigerian yahoo boys because they usually ask “How was your night’s rest?” instead of “How did you sleep?”

In her own words:

They are so easy to spot they come in as friend request on all my social media sites. If I’m on a dating platform I can tell which ones are the scammers from Nigeria just by the profile but obviously after they start talking.

Now I’m all about research since I’ve been victimized. I will never be victimized again meaning I would never fall for their tricks to get money. in fact once the money topic starts coming up that’s when I block them but I learned a lot and their patterns are very similar.

Notice some words like night’s rest. They don’t say how did you sleep. they say how was your night’s rest.

They can’t see Nigeria they see Nigerian so they avoid it they probably say West Africa. so it’s rather boring unless I decide to spice it up with lies but most of the time I don’t have time I just want to know what their approach is. Is it similar to what I’ve experienced. what differences between all the scammers like what tricks does one use one use photoshopping like crazy when you didn’t have to do that because he had a million pictures of the person but the guy was stupid and photoshopped. Things like that and I hope that they trip up and I can catch them.

I love this story one scammer through Facebook had his African face as his profile picture and he was hitting on me saying he was a doctor I later found out it was dr. Fernando pinto who gets used constantly by scammers. he said he was a doctor so I said send me a picture and he send me a picture of dr. Fernando a white man. But his profile was his real self. I had to laugh I said you’re the worst scammer I’ve ever seen and I told him what happened. I should have tried to bust him but I let that one go cuz he was just too stupid.

Okay o.

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