If You Stutter, Stammer And Feel Bad About It, Then Read This

Nothing is wrong with you. The small talk is a defence mechanism by you because of the stuttering. You can use that to your advantage by becoming a good listener.

According to Dale Carnegie, if you listen when people talk, they will appreciate you as a good conversationalist, even when you have said very little.

Do you know why? Because you have given them a chance to express themselves, something that is rare in most conversations these days.

Listen to most conversations and you will see just 2 people competing to make the smarter talk.

But when you just listen instead of thinking of what you’ll say next, you are giving the other person the chance to express themselves. And they will be grateful and see you as a great conversationalist.

Tips for listening actively

1. Encourage the other person to talk by nodding your head and saying things like ‘yes’, ‘seriously?!’ that show the person you get their point.
2. If you get a smart point, don’t interrupt the person speaking. But rather, wait for the person to finish, then wait some more for the person to clarify whatever point they wish to clarify before you put down your own point. They will be grateful for that chance you’ve given them.

As For The Stuttering/Stammering…

As for the stuttering itself, you will likely outgrow it or learn how to manage it just fine so that it becomes just a mute point.

Famous people that have been said to stammer and stutter include: former Vice President Joe Biden, MKO Abiola, winner of Nigeria’s June 12 Presidential election, Saint Peter the Apostle who became the first Pope, Moses, who founded the Jewish religion, etc., etc., etc. These people didn’t allow stuttering or stammering to limit them. Neither should you.

Cures For Stammering

There are several cures. I will just mention a few.

1. Speaking slowly: Some have been cured by speaking slowly and pronouncing their words correctly.

2. Yoga exercises: Others have been cured by practicing yoga exercises to strengthen their vocal cords.

You can do some more research and work out your salvation.

But most importantly, as Dale Carnegie would say, be a good listener and encourage others to talk about themselves, and they will see you as a good conversationalist.

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