Civil Rights Colombian Afro Americans

Killings Of Colombian Afro American, Colombian American Indian Leaders Shock The World

Recently, there were mass demonstrations in more than 50 Colombian 50 cities and towns, and also in the United States, protesting a rise in killings of American Indian, Colombian Afro American and environmental leaders in recent years.


In 2016, the Colombian government and FARC rebels signed a peace agreement after 50 years of war.

Unfortunately, since then, almost 500 human rights activists, many of them Colombian Afro Americans, have been gunned down. These Afro Americans were targeted for their work combating illegal mining, drug trafficking, and land restitution and environmental causes.

The crux of the matter is the rights of American Indian and Colombian Afro Americans to own land.

Afro American activists have called on the Colombian government to implement the peace agreement to ensure dignified integration of their communities with the rest of Colombia.

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