Why Many Nigerians With Visas Were Turned Back At US Airport

Nigerians are said to be the most educated foreigners in the US. So, I am at a loss about why nearly 20 Nigerians were recently turned back from US airport. These Nigerians had validly stamped visas.

I think one explanation is that our political class has made mockery of Nigeria.

Nigeria, which is the giant of Africa, is also its largest butt of jokes.

This is not because we are not intelligent, but because our leaders have not done enough so far to organize our intellectual and other resources.

Brain drain rules the day, as Nigerians escape to Canada. Before now, it was the US and Saudi Arabia that the Nigerian middle class loved escaping to- to work as nurses.

Do you blame them, when they are not appreciated in their own country?

I recently heard that we have 1 doctor for every 5000 citizens. That is just too poor.

But most of our qualified doctors are running to other countries because of the poor conditions at home.

These conditions are not supposed to be there if we had a truly functional system in this country.

So, when our people rush to other countries, it may be that those countries, in a moment of panic, decide to send some back.

I think our leaders have to become serious about bringing out sound policies and executing them efficiently. That may win us some long-lost respect.

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