Omoleye Sowore Now More Into Politics Than Blogging

Omoleye Sowore is the founder and publisher of Sahara Reporters, the fiery anti-corruption blog. The blog is one that normally strikes fear into the heart of many politicians.

But of late, Sowore has been more identified with AAC, the new political party he founded.

As if to buttress this point, the Alexa ranking of Sahara Reporters has seen a steady slip in recent days.

Is it that Sowore has concluded that he will impact the country better as a politician than as a journalist?

Or is Sahara Reporters facing an existential threat from a court suit? In that case, you might understand a proactive move to reposition himself if he is to remain relevant.

Sowore has shown that he is a master in the art of repositioning oneself to remain relevant.

He first came into the national consciousness as a student leader during the June 12 crisis.

Then, from the early days of the Fourth Republic he became one of the pioneers of online journalism through Sahara Reporters.

Now we are hearing more about his association with AAC party and his TakeItBack Movement. This is even after election season.

We are watching.

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