This silly action can make you look like a scammer even if you are not one

Below is advice I read aimed at helping honest Nigerians overcome the belief among foreigners that they shouldn’t do business with Nigerians because they’ve been told that ‘every Nigerian is a scammer’.

Imagine being an honest Nigerian with a legitimate business proposal and no one believes you…

So, here goes the advice:

Do not “form” accent. Be very Real

Unless you have lived in the foreigners country for long periods of time , do not start “forming” their accent when you communicate with them.

Be very real and speak exactly the way you used to on a daily basis. 99 percent of the time, they already know you have a different accent and not expecting you to blend in to theirs. Avoid words like “I wanna,” I gonna,” “Ama do this or that” etc.

When you are talking with an American unless you are living there presently 99% of the time , you end up using such words wrongly and looking like a dummy.

Imagine telling an American “Hi buddy, I gat a biz deal that’s gonna make you rich if you wanna gimme a try. Ama telling ya, you ain’t seen this kinda money before.”

Trust me, he will just rush to look up your profile and once he detects anything outside “American” he will conclude you are a scammer and cut ties with you immediately.

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