2 Ways To Indirectly Make Money From Libra (Possibly)

We know of the more obvious ways to try to make money from Facebooks new crypto currency, Libra. These include buying Facebook shares or buying Libra when it is launched – and buying Libra Investment Tokens -aka Libra’s voting power– if you can afford to chuck out $10 million.

But there are 2 less obvious bets that could do the same money, all things being equal.

1. Buying Bitcoin: After Facebooks initial announcement of Libra, the price of Bitcoin soared temporarily. What this tells us is that Bitcoin dealers felt increased confidence because of the entry of a more orthodox business leader, Facebook into the fintech business.

I think we may see a similar spillover when Libra is eventually launched in 2020. Disclaimer: Don’t buy Bitcoin because I say so. Think it through – whether to buy and how much to invest.

2. Buying shares from Libra Investment Token Companies: If you don’t have $10 million to splurge on Libra investment tokens, there is a cheaper way to still get in on the action: Buy shares in companies that have bought the tokens. The MasterCards, the Visas, the Ubers, etc.

If Libra succeeds, the shares of these companies are likely to hit a new level long term rather than a cash in cash out scenario.

So, their you have it. If you know any other ways to make money from Facebook’s blockbuster crypto token Libra, please share with us in the comments.

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