About the world-beating Nkpokiti dance troupe

The world-famous Nkpokiti cultural dance group was created in 1959 at Umunze, Anambra State, Igbo Land, Nigeria, by Chief Festus Okoli (AKA Ojimgba).
This troupe has continued to thrill audiences with their scintillating dance steps and acrobatic stunts.
When the states of Nigeria gathered in Lagos in 1970 to celebrate the end of the Nigerian civil war, the Nkpokiti group, clinched the first prize- 3,000 pounds and a gold gong set aside for the winners.

That was just the beginning of several repeat wins.
After that, the state government (Anambra) adopted the dance group as her special representatives in cultural dance competitions.

The federal government decided to make them the country’s ambassadors at the global level.

In 1978, courtesy of The Satin Sheen Company, in the time of Franca Afebua, Nkpokiti competed at Wembley, England.

They returned to Nigeria with the ”world cup”.

The Nkpokiti dance group is depicted at the back view of the 5 naira note.

The group is simply thrilling.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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