World Cup: Nigeria Finally Gives Westerhof House Promised Him 25 Years Ago!

I hope this means we are entering a new era of fulfilment of promises by Nigeria’s Federal Government. Former Super Eagles coach Clemens Westerhof, who has been described as ‘Nigeria’s greatest coach’, has finally gotten a housing allocation by the Federal Government, 25 years after a promise to do so was made to him.

Westerhof made history with Nigeria by coaching the country’s national team that qualified for the USA94 football World Cup.

A grateful nation promised him a house for that feat. But sadly, many governments came and went without fulfilling the pledge.

It was as if Nigeria has become an ungrateful nation. But like the biblical Joseph who was remembered after being forgotten, Westerhof has been remembered.

One thing tho; Westerhof’s serious, unsmiling countenance as he received the papers to the house showed he was disappointed at being ignored all these years.

I hope we improve on promise keeping in this country.

See Westerhof’s serious look as he received the housing allocation here

As President Buhari prepares to enter his second term, we hope for bumper fulfilment of promises made by government to the people of Nigeria. Amen.

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