10 Recent Igbo Achievements You Should Know Of

Recently, Igbos have been making heavy strides in several noble fields of endeavour. Social media has been awash with news of Igbos breaking glass ceilings, be it at work, in public service or in the academic fields. Below are some of the most celebrated Igbo strides in recent times. Forgive me for not adding sports achievements. Perhaps another day for that. See today’s list below:

  1. 15 year old Franklin Ekene Ezeunala posted the best score in JAMB
  2. Tobechukwu Philips posted 6.9 GPA to break a 125 year old record of Irvin High University USA.
  3. Emelife Stella Chinelo has broken a 100 year record at University of Mysore India, wining all 20 gold awards; a in the history of the Indian University.
  4. Dr Eneh has also won an award and recognition for his outstanding research in brain tumor.
  5. In the British Parliament, we have Chuka Umunna and Chi Onwurah as members.
  6. Iwobi Anthony has become the first elected black senator in Italy
  7. Mazi Ezeajughi was elected the first black Mayor of London borough
  8. Kate Ekechi got sworn in as the first female black mayor of Enfield in the United Kingdom.
  9. Mrs. Ifediorah became the first female black sheriff of Nottingham.
  10. Kelechi Madu was appointed Minister for Municipal Affairs in Alberta Canada.

To these Igbos we say, well done. This is a lesson to other Igbos. You gas to up your game.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst