“Owerri Is The Only City In The World That Has Whose Names Start From A-Z”

I saw this hilarious but true post on Nairaland and decided to share. Enjoy:

Owerri is the only city in the world with Hotel of name

All season hotels
Bonbolini hotel
Concord hotel
Dukes hotel
Eastern emirate hotel
Full moon hotel
Graziella hotel
Haven suite hotel
Immaculate hotel
Jovita hotel
Kelvic suite
Lamonde Hotel
Maranthada hotel
Newton hotel
Oxygen hotel
Pinewood Hotel
Queen’s hotel
Rock view Hotel
Santiago hotel
Titanic hotel
Ultimate resort
Villa garden hotel
Winter suite hotel
Xena hotel
Yead resort
Zuma guest house

No wonder they have minister for enjoyment


IMO State should really develop on this.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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