“How Obawinrin Became Olu Igbo And Later Olugbo”

Leading Yoruba historian, Olootutof has revealed that the Olugbo throne is indeed an ancient throne with a rich history dating back to the days of Oduduwa and Obatala.

Some might not know, but Olugbo’s ancestors were royal Obas in Ile Ife as far back as the 12th Century AD.
In a publication titled EMERGENCE OF ODUDUWA AS THE SUPREME HIGH PRIEST IN ELU, which we analyzed, Olootutof posits that Aboriginal Ife had 13 main settlements.
Each settlement had a high priest as the Oba (just like the NRI priest-kings). He stated that each settlement had its own separate market but a general one that serves the whole Ife called “Oja Igbomokun”.
He stated that the Aborigines or Autochtones at that point in history were referred to as “Igbo”.
He then revealed that Oduduwa, a highly skilled warrior of the highest order (generalissimo) met the Aborigines and brokered an alliance with them.
But after the alliance broke down, he and Obameri an Aboriginal chief who was Obatala’s former war general joined hands to displace Obatala from Ife.
However, after the fighting, highly respected elders named Ojomu from Iloran settlement brokered peace between Oduduwa, his ally Obameri and Obatala.
Obatala and some of his earlier followers were allowed to return and take a leading place under the overall leadership of Oduduwa, who then established the Yoruba/Oodua dynasty in which his sons also became rulers (Obas) in the new order.
He stated that Oduduwa ruled with such fairness that he won the goodwill of most of the remaining Aborigines whom he had earlier fought against. Oduduwa succeeded Obatala as the overall Priest-King of Great Ife. A new supreme title was created for him, “Ooni”. So, Oduduwa was the first Ooni of Ife.
Obawinrin to Olugbo
However, according to him the “Obawinrin now known as “Olu Igbo later Olugbo” refused to come back to Ile-Ife with Obatala because he felt unsecured and embittered and he decided to relocate to a far place known as “Igbo-Igbo” now the present day Oke-Igbo. (Not to be confused with the town which used to be called “Igbo” but which is now known as “Igbo-Ukwu”.)
“Obawinrin continued to harass and attack Ile-Ife people under the guise of masquerade until it was stopped through the deft intervention of Moremi.
“Igbo-Igbo was eventually sacked by the forces of Ile-Ife and Obawinrin and his people finally relocated down south in the riverine area.”
Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/oloolutof.wordpress.com/2017/05/20/emergence-of-oduduwa-as-the-supreme-high-priest-in-elu/amp/
Comments in the article:
“I now know the reason why Oke Igbo speaks Ile-Ife dialect.”
“Not only that…..Derin Ologbenla also used Oke-Igbo as a war camp to attack Ode-Ondo( many hundred years after Olugbo (then Obawinrin) had relocated to the present Ugbo land.“