Alaba: 10,000 Igbo Traders Make $4 Billion Per Year – American Expert

An American economics expert, Robert Neuwirth has called for the global scaling and worldwide adoption of the Igbo Apprenticeship System and other African sharing economic systems in other to maximize economic development all over the world.

Neuwirth said;

Neuwirth was speaking at the globally important TEDGlobal 2017. obtained transcripts of the talk which has been viewed over 1 million times!

“So, this is Alaba International Market. It’s the largest electronics market in West Africa.

“It’s 10,000 merchants, they do about four billion dollars of turnover every year.

“And they say they are ardent apostles of Adam Smith:competition is great, we’re all in it individually, government doesn’t help us.

“But the interesting reality is that when I asked further, that’s not what grew the market at all.

“There’s a behind-the-scenes principle that enables this market to grow.

“And they do claim — you know, this is an interesting juxtaposition of the King James Bible and “How To Sell Yourself.””

“That’s what they say is their message. But in reality, this market is governed by a sharing principle.

“Every merchant, when you ask them, “How did you get started in global trade?” they say, “Well, when my master settled me.”

“And when I finally got it into my head to ask, “What is this ‘settling?’” it turns out that when you’ve done your apprenticeship with someone you work for, they are required — required — to set you up in business.

“That means paying your rent for two or three years and giving you a cash infusion so you can go out in the world and start trading.

“That’s locally generated venture capital. Right? And I can say with almost certainty that the Igbo apprenticeship system that governs Alaba International Marketis the largest business incubator platform in the world.

Advocating the scaling of the Igbo business incubation system and similar systems, Mr Neuwirth said,

“These are these sharing models that exist out there that need to be propagated and used and scaled. OK?”

He advocated the adoption of the systems as a way of ending economic unfairness in the world.

“And if we propagate these things, we can begin to bring infrastructure to everyone, and that will ensure that communities are leading their own development, which is, I believe, what we need in the world, and, I would suggest, what we need in Africa.”

Thank you, Mr Robert Neuwirth for this expose. Mr Neuwirth, we Igbodefenders ask you to extend your studies past mighty Alaba International Market; but also to Onitsha Main Market (the market capital of Africa), Ariaria Market, ASPANDA, Ladipo Spare Parts Market, Computer Village, the Billion Dollar Nollywood markets at Pound Road, Idumota, Iweka Road etc, etc, etc., and other businesses running with the Igbo Apprenticeship System – IAS. There is much more to be learnt about the super Igbo Apprenticeship System.

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