Linda Ikeji subtly disses Owerri, Imo State capital

Top blogger Linda Ikeji recently decided to explain to Nigerians why she bought a Bentley for her new born. And she was like:

My mum has been shaking her head since I got the car. Lol. She said to me and my dad; do you know how many houses in Owerri you could have bought with that money? I was like; what the heck do I need houses in Owerri for, I have a house in Lagos. Lol.

My reaction: why dis Owerri. Aunty Linda, have you forgotten you are Igbo? I don’t like this.

Aunty Linda, I challenge you to throw some of your charismatic wealth into building a villa or two modelled after you Banana Island home in Owerri. Since you seem to feel Owerri is too local, do it to increase property values there.

Better still, start a charitable project to help renovate dilapidated houses in Owerri, rather than call out Owerri the way you did. Haba, Aunty.

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