Linda Ikeji subtly disses Owerri, Imo State capital

Top blogger Linda Ikeji recently decided to explain to Nigerians why she bought a Bentley for her new born. And she was like:

My mum has been shaking her head since I got the car. Lol. She said to me and my dad; do you know how many houses in Owerri you could have bought with that money? I was like; what the heck do I need houses in Owerri for, I have a house in Lagos. Lol.

My reaction: why dis Owerri. Aunty Linda, have you forgotten you are Igbo? I don’t like this.

Aunty Linda, I challenge you to throw some of your charismatic wealth into building a villa or two modelled after you Banana Island home in Owerri. Since you seem to feel Owerri is too local, do it to increase property values there.

Better still, start a charitable project to help renovate dilapidated houses in Owerri, rather than call out Owerri the way you did. Haba, Aunty.

Goodbye Kofi Annan

Mandela has departed. Now, Kofi Annan too. Africa is in a dire need of statesmen as more and more of our present heroes join the ancestors.

We need people who are ready to embrace the age-long cause of the African people to be free. Free from captivity and subjugation. Free from economic strangulation. Free to be happy.
I call for a new age of statesmen and stateswomen to arise and take the bull by the horns.