77 Igbo Kings had ruled Ife before the Yoruba warrior Oduduwa arrived, starting from about 300 BC- Christisthetruth001

A Nairalander with the moniker Chtististruth00 has affirmed the fact that Igbos were the Aborigines of Ile Ife. According to him, 77 Igbo aboriginal kings had ruled Ife before the warrior Oduduwa arrived the scene and created a new order.

Igbo Presidency 2023 Politics

Igbo And The 2023 Presidency

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo

Igbos must attend to Nigerian politics with clear eyed sobriety.

The civil war left many chronic wounds. But Igbo have survived and thrived. Igbo may have been hampered by national structural defects and systemic injustices.

But they have flourished and have the economic heft to surmount subsisting inequities.

Igbo have enterprise and imagination but collectively they lack political foresightedness.


Allen Weisselberg subpoena gets more intriguing as he receives immunity

US media is reporting that Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer of the Trump Organization has been given immunity. He is currently talking with Federal investigators investigating President Trump. 

Business Economy

Host Communities Condemn Anambra’s Continued Exclusion From 13% Oil Derivation Funds

A representative group that agitates for better resource control rights for oil producing communities in Nigeria, has decried the continued exclusion of Anambra State from oil derivation funds.

The group, Host Communities of Nigeria (Oil and Gas Producing Communities), Hostcom have demanded an explanation of the whereabouts of the crude oil drilled from the recently discovered wells in Anambra State.

Culture News

Photos: White In-laws Of Igbo Man Rock Igbo Traditional Attire – Hit Not Miss

A young Igbo man, Raphael Onyeka recently married his White heartthrob Victoria Prusin in an Igbo traditional wedding. Igberetvnews published lovely photos of the White in-laws resplendent in traditional Igbo attire.

The way they rocked it, you can tell they took ownership of the fashion.

Mother-in-law rocks traditional Igbo attire during the wine carrying ceremony Inu Mmanya.