Remembering Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan is dead. The man from Ghana rose to the helm of the United Nations. He was Secretary General when George Bush Jr invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein. He opposed the invasion together with France, Germany and Russia.

Man Of Gentle Steel

The Ghana-born statesman was known for his strong character and determination during negotiations. He will be remembered for the Millennium Development Goals, a guideline for global development that was codified in his tenure.

According to his foundation, Mr Annan died peacefully in his sleep. Personally, I am shocked. I though he was even 70 something years. Kofi Annan was a peacemaker. May he rest on peacefully.

He was the first black African to become UN secretary-general and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Source: Former UN chief Kofi Annan dies at 80

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