Greenarrow01 comments on Buhari chances versus Kwankwaso

[ Buhari ] is a demi god.
More revered than any northern king.

Loved more than any body before him.
Not just that..

BUHARI works without talking.. he is sinking billions in Northern Nigeria.

There are so many dams springing up.

The rice industry in kano alone is something without talking about kebbi.

Abuja all the way to kano is been renovated.

The non existent oil he is looking for all over the north.

He is a staunch muslim another reason they love him.

Buhari is not just a religion to the hausas, he is a demi god only after Uthman Dan Fodio.

Kwankwaso is only active in kano and cannot pull wright beyond governorship elections.

The very supportive kwankwasiyya movement will jettison him for pmb.

People like Rochas okorocha understand this.
He has done well to miggle and support the hausas people.
He speaks their language and his schools re in some northern cities.. he knows election is won in northen nugeria and he is gearing up for 2023 nothing much. He doesnt care about igbos.

God bless nigeria.
God bless its unity.
I duslike both apc anf pdp – Greenarrow01

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