Imran Khan Proves That Yes He Can

For so long, Pakistan’s incoming PM, Imran Khan endured the derogatory nickname Imran Khan’t. 

This is because of his party’s penchant for winning very few seats in Pakistan’s Parliament, despite his huge popularity.

But with the announcement of the result of the 2018 elections, it is now clear that anyone who calls him Khan’t instead of Khan would be making fun of themselves.

With this year’s win, Imran Khan has finally shown that in politics -just as in sports- Yes He Can.

Imran Khan first rose to fame when he captained Pakistan to a cricket World Cup victory in 1992.

But after he entered politics he shed his celebrity playboy image. He instead adopted the image of a serious, populist reformer.

While Pakistan noticed the change, it didn’t register in poll results.

For instance, he was the only candidate to win a seat in from his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in the 2002 elections.

It was only in the 2013 general election that many began to view his party as a serious player in Pakistani politics.

In that election, PTI narrowly missed becoming the second largest party nationally.

Fast-forward  to 2018; and his party has just won the just concluded general elections.

Mr Khan is the next Prime Minister of the nuclear-armed nation of 200 million called Pakistan.

Once again a competitor has led his team to victory. But that victory means the work is only just beginning.

The world will be watching his utterances and actions on India and Kashmir, the silk road, Afghanistan among other issues of import.

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