Why Igbos Must Vote Buhari Or Abstain From Voting Against Buhari In 2019

Yes, many Igbos don’t like Buhari. Yes, Buhari made the regrettable 5% comment in anger in 2015 (he shouldn’t have done that). But Igbo bu Igbo, we must ask ourselves where our practical longterm interests lie.
Do our interests lie in  remaining in the political wilderness for another 50 years because of hatred for one man?
Or do our interests lie in reelecting President Buhari, so as to be able to get Igbo Presidency -when it becomes clear that we are the only geopolitical group that haven’t gotten it – in 2023?
We must use our tongue to count our teeth. Many Igbos want independence. But have you gotten it? A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
On the issue of grazing reserves, the Igbo governors know it will be political harikiri for them to oppose your rejection of grazing reserves. And your mind is made up on that. The Igbos that resisted British colonial rule from 1883 to 1914 (21 years!) have said no to cattle colony through their governors.
The same Igbos who started a second resistance in 1927 that ended successfully on Independence Day, October 1, 1960 have said a big No to grazing reserves. So that should not stop you from reelecting Buhari by voting for him or abstaining from voting against him.
So, we must all support Buhari’s reelection now, so that in 2023, we will be allowed to chose the President from among ourselves.
Onye nwe nti ya nuru. O ga adiri Ndi Igbo mma!

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