Assange faces eviction from London embassy

Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, may soon be evicted from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

    He has been holed up there for 6 years. He believes he will be arrested and  extradited to the US if he leaves the embassy.

    Ecuador and Britain are in talks over the issue, according to reports.

    The new President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno doesn’t want Assange in the Ecuardorian Embassy. He sees Assange as a “stone in the shoe”. In other words a nuisance he inherited from his predecessor.

    Recall that Ecuardor’s former President Rafael Correa granted Assange political asylum. That was after Assange’s website released leaks that embarrassed the Obama Administration.

    Shortly after the release, Assange was accused of sexual assault and rape in Sweden.

    But he claimed the charges were part of a U.S. plot to discredit him for WikiLeak’s disclosures .

    Currently, Assange’s internet access has been cut.  And visitors are barred from seeing him.

    Supporters of Assange insist he was only publishing news as journalists are meant to.

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