Electricity Distribution Company Caught Using Generator For Electricity (Photos)

(See photos below.)

One of the electricity distribution companies in Nigeria ironically cannot distribute electricity to itself, so they bought a generator which they use when ‘NEPA takes light’.

Zikist Movement shows two photos of the bizarre scene. In one of the photos you see the ladders they use in disconnecting people’s electricity when they refuse to provide prepaid meters so as to be able to collect ‘stuff’ from members of the public.

In the other pucture, you see the generator. This is sad. Someone even told Zikist Movement that the General Manager often begs shops around with generator to charge his phone. We might even post a video of the gen working on YouTube.
The issue here is that Nigeria has no business with epileptic electricity supply when there is an abundance of coal deposits in Enugu and 12 others states of Nigeria.

So, once again, we ask the Nigerian Governments to build up coal power which will reduce our over-reliance on gas, which is often scarce.

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