Nigerians smile as 24-hours non-stop electricity hits many parts of Nigeria

Oil prices have been recovering. Electricity has also been recovering. Over the weekend, many parts of Nigeria have been enjoying steady electricity.

It is as if PHCN forgot to put off the lights. Lol. But seriously, it is as a result of one thing: President Buhari’s dogged commitment to keep finding solutions to the issues that ail Nigeria.

Let us remember that when this man took over in 2015, oil was at a low of $31 per barrel. Today, it is approaching $70. Things will not remain sad.

When he took over, the foreign reserves was just $25 billion. Today it is almost $50 billion. Things cannot remain sad.

We should just keep him on his toes with responsible (not irresponsible) critisism, but we should not fail to reelect him in 2019.

The issue of commercial cattle ranches is one area to keep the pressure on, but let us praise him for the areas where he has done well, and encourage him to do better.

Another area is for us to encourage massive government spending devoid of corruption, so that money can circulate round, and jobs and business can get an upkick.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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