Fani Kayode Changes Tune On Buhari, Heaps Praises On Him

Fiery opposition politician, Femi Fani Kayode is known for his extreme criticism of President Buhari, but in a recent post on Twitter, FFK , as he is widely called appeared to have softened his harsh and often abusive criticism of the President. His critisism appeared even to be indirect praise, leading people to wonder ‘what is happening’. 

In the Tweets he stated that defeating the President B u h a r i in 2019 would require courage, aggression, cohesion and ingenuity.

The social media savvy opposition politician tweeted, “Buhari is not viewed as just a politician in the north…he commands a fanatical following and cult-like loyalty”.

“That is what makes him such a dangerous foe and formidable adversary.

“Defeating him in 2019 will require courage,aggression,cohesion and ingenuity.”

In the cloudy realm of politics, reduced criticisms like this can indicate that there are hidden shifts in position. 

A pundit who has studied the statement stated, “While we must not read too much meaning into one statement, it should be noted that politicians rarely jump into the water with two legs. They often like to put just one feet in to test the waters, to see reactions. It is called floating a weather balloon.

While FFK’s praise can be described as qualified and not absolute praise, it is becoming clear that due to Buhari’s antecedents before 2019, we are likely to see support for B u h a r i emerge from unlikely corners.

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