Abia State Government To Give N1 Million To Anyone Who Wants To Start Cattle Ranch

It is definitely a step in the right direction. It will at least create mini ranching, and kickstart a vibrant ranching sub sector in Abia- if properly implemented.
But the government has to do a more indepth cost analysis to make sure the N 1 million can take care of the livestock purchase, hay, irrigation, etc. The private sector, through tech innovation can also do a lot to reduce costs.

Politicaly, this will also give significant political cover to the move to eradicate the conflict-causing open grazing and forestall the unjust grazing reserves dream of some. If properly implemented it will also provide additional proof of success for people who are sceptical about ranching.

All in all. Great move that may in fact be the chrysalis of a new industry in Abia.

By Igbodefender

Source: Nairaland.com

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