Young Igbo Nigerian Presidential Hopeful Attacks Ironsi,  Ojukwu 

An Igbo Nigerian presidential hopeful, Chris Emejuru has attacked 2 of his kinsmen who were leaders of Nigeria in the 1960s. The two leaders attacked are General Agunyi Ironsi, and Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu, both of whom successfully fought the January 1966 coup which was organised by elements that said they wanted to put Obafemi Awolowo -who was then in prison after being convicted of plotting Nigeria’s first coup in 1962- in power.

In a statement at the weekend which is circulating all over social media, Emejuru who recently declared his intention to contest the Presidency in 2019 -when the great President Buhari should be contesting for second term- said.

“Since the beginning of self-rule in 1960, major events have shaped our landscape politically, economically, and socially. From the assassination of Prime Minister Tafawa Bawela, to the coup attempt by General Ironsi, this led to a federal system with no viability, as ‘regionalism’ was relegated to something unimportant at the time. 

Mr Emejuru, General Ironsi never organised a coup in his entire life. If Ironsi were alive today,  he would sue you for making such statement. Ironsi rather,  crushed the coup that killed the great Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa. Be corrected.

Mr Emejuru went on in his statement to attack the former military governor of the Eastern Region, Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu. Ojukwu was a man who like Ironsi, crushed the coup that killed Tafawa Balewa, before eventually leading the Eastern Region to declare Biafran independence after tens of thousands of them were killed for a coup whose plotters stated that their aim was to install Awolowo in power.

Emejuru said,

“During these major transitions, sentiments were brewing, especially concerning divisions between the North and South. These implications would reach a boiling point. This boiling point eventually led to the civil war. To avoid this, concessions were made, but the influence of one charismatic leader, Ojukwu was undeterred.

“Propoganda was relentless giving the South courage to secede from the Union, but ultimately, the plot failed, and this so called leader of the Biafra War retreated with all his luxuries. 

Emejuru said that Ojukwu retreated with all his luxuries ? Well, maybe Emejuru means all Ojukwu’s father’s wealth, because around that time, Ojukwu’so father Louis Ojulwu, was so rich he was widely believed to be the the richest Nigerian. But there is no record of Ojukwu retreating with all his father’s luxuries,  which are rumored to include the Nigerian Railway  Corporation. In fact, the Nigerian Government later returned a lot of Ojukwu’s father’s assets to the Ojukwu family, many years after the Civil War, so, Emejuru needs to tell us which luxuries he was talking about in his infamous statement.

If Emejuru was insinuating that Ojukwu left with Biafra’s gold bullion he needs to explain how,  because Ojukwu led a shortlived nation which fought a brutal civil war in which it can be imagined there really was no time for luxuries and no luxuries to loot.

But even beyond that, Emejuru perhaps doesn’t know that Odumegwu Ojukwu’s contributions to Nigeria are so sterling that when he died he was given a state funeral by the Nigerian State. Even our current President,  Muhammadu Buhari holds Ojukwu in so much esteem that he once invited Ojukwu to his house in Daura, where they spent days discussing the state of Nigeria. 

Mr Emejuru, you goofed big time. Is this how you want to rule us?  With all these lies? Yes, we have issues with President Buhari over his refusal to promote commercial cattle ranchin up till now, but not withstanding, he still has our vote in 2019 (unless we need to withdraw it). Mr Emejuru, there is no vacancy in Aso Rock.

You are forgiven for casting aspersions on two Igbo leaders that fought those who killed Balewa to a standstill. Please apologise to Ironsi and Ojukwu for dragging their names in the mud. To help your candidacy,  you should read more, speak less and perhaps get a new publicist. But centeris paribus, we will still vote Buhari in 2019.

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