Only Igbo Presidency ‘ll Address Marginalization Of South East Zone – Nnwaohanmu

ABA – A former Commissioner of Youth Development in Abia State, Mr. Ekele Nwaohanmuo has said that only Igbo presidency will fully address the marginalization of the South East zone in Nigeria. APC Presidential Campaign Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, (middle) flanked by APC National Chairman, All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie Oyegun, APC Chieftain and former Goverinor, Chief Ogbonnaya Ono, Eze Ndi Igbo Suleja, Amb (Dr.) Igwe Collins Chibueze Okoli, Uche Eginti Eze Udo, President General Igbo delegates Assembly (IDA) of the19 Northern States, Chief Damian Sunny Inyamah and others adopt GEN Muhammadu Buhari for 2015 Presidency at the APC Presidential Campaign office in Abuja.

PHOTO; SUNDAY AGHAEZE In an interview with Vanguard in Aba, the former Commissioner insisted that the Igbo are the only group holding Nigeria’s unity and cohesion, stressing that Nigerias would suffer losses any day the Igbo man declines to invest in other parts of the country. “The Igbo man is the only true Nigerian. There is no part of Nigeria that you won’t see the Igboman settling down to invest and develop his host community.

It is only the Igbo man that you can’t trace his origin outside Nigeria. The Hausa and Yoruba have their kits and kin outside Nigeria. “This is why the Igbo man takes every part of Nigeria as his home.

The marginalization of Ndigbo in Nigeria has been evident. It is clear that there are no go areas for Ndigbo in Nigeria. If an Igbo becomes Nigeria’s president, it will go a long way to address the brazen marginalization of Ndigbo. There is no doubt that only Igbo presidency will fully address the marginalization of the Igbo man in Nigeria.” He advocated for the creation of an additional state in the South East zone to make it at par with other zones in the interest of equity.

On the call for restructuring, Nwaohanmuo who was a former deputy chairman of the PDP in Abia, described those calling for restructuring of the country as people feigning ignorance about the main problem bedeviling the nation. He insisted that what the country needs is restructuring of the mind. He said; “What restructuring are they call for? Nigeria doesn’t need restructuring.

If you ask me, do you need to ask the National and State Assembly to restructuring the jumbo allowances they enjoy? Look at the volume of money being discovered in some people’s houses and bank accounts? “Some people have appropriated what belongs to the public to themselves and family.

We only need to restructure our minds. If we restructure our minds, and be patriotic in every sense of it. If the money meant for the people will be used for their interest, this country will be better. No restructuring of the federation will work unless we restructure our minds.

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