Nnamdi Kanu: How “What Will Others Say” Made Python Dance Destructively

“What would others say?” led to the destruction of Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation by Operation Python Dance. Nnamdi Kanu could have ignored the taunts of his enemies, and the destructive Python Dance wouldn’t have happened, to the dissatisfaction of his enemies.

Nicholo Makiavelli wrote in his book The Prince, that a prince should learn not just to be bold like a lion, but also when to avoid traps (and fights) like the fox. Did he have Prince Nnamdi Kanu in mind when he was penning those words?

When Nnamdi KANU was released on bail, he was initially very quiet, obeying the bail terms set for him by the court. Then some of his critics started taunting him, saying that he had chickened out or had been settled. They began to gloat that federal prison had softened Kanu, and Federal Government had therefore defeated him. KANU could simply have ignored the taunts and repositioned himself to agitate within Nigeria instead of against Nigeria.

To be fair to some of his followers, they were initially okay with his quietness, saying he had made his point. But as the taunts grew louder, KANU was forced by “what will others say?” to show he had not grown soft.

To show that he had not been settled, KANU began to disobey his bail conditions. If he had not, perhaps, he would have become the biggest opinion leader of the South East by now. His home would have been a beehive of pro restructuring activities, not a deserted place as it is at present.

He wouldn’t have taken several steps that gave his enemies the reason they were looking for to attack him so ferociously. Yes, Kanu has the human right of self determination, but he would have listened instead to his instinct which told him to give Nigeria another chance.

The Federal Government would perhaps have decided to drop its case against him and his followers. Indeed, Chief Elliot Uko one of his allies confirmed that just before the Operation Python Dance destroyed Kanu’s home, KANU was seriously considering dropping the pro independence agitation in place of an agitation for restructuring, for which he is to be given credit.

But by then, it was too late. He had created too many expectations in the minds of many that it was seemingly impossible for him to just back down. So much water had flowed passed for him to go back to what his instinct told him was always the best thing to do- follow his bail conditions.

Today, as Nigerians hopeful for a better Nigeria ask for restructuring, the voice of the one whose agitation started it all has been unusually silent.

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