FG may keep Nnamdi Kanu under house arrest, rather than returning him to jail 

According to a source, the current siege on Nnamdi Kanu’s house by the Army may be a ploy to keep him under house arrest on humanitarian grounds instead of returning him to jail, thereby leaving him with some freedom while preventing him from flouting his bail conditions.

According to the source who wants to remain anonymous, the Federal Government may just be interested in whittling down Kanu’s political wings, instead of doing him harm, as is feared by many of his supporters.

Recall that of recent, Nnamdi KANU has made several statements that the government sees as capable of heating up the polity, including his call for boycott of Anambra elections among other things, and the Federal Government is very concerned about it- so is the Anambra State Government.

Also of concern to the Federal Government is Kanu flouting his bail conditions which Kanu has said he will not obey.

As it is, the fate of several rallies that Kanu may have wanted to attend hang in the balance. If the soldiers don’t leave the access road to his house, it is unlikely that Kanu would be able attend the rally or organize the 2 million man march he said he would organise for his next court appearance at Abuja. The soldiers may even be the ones to escort him to his next court appearance instead.

Meanwhile the South East caucus of the Nigerian Senate has frowned at the very presence of large numbers of the military in the South East.

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