6 Things Igbos stand to loose if the South East breaks away as Biafra

A Nairalander listed these, and it is true. He who has ears, let them hear.

1. There wards will become international students in Nigeria and pay high tuiton fees

2. They will be taxed on there Buisness and properties as foreigners of which, land use charge can be ammended and properties revoked.

3. They will frequently require Visiting, student, medical, buisiness visa and work-permit to enter Nigeria.

4. Loss of Jobs. Nigerian company’s will be forced to downsize employment of foreign expertraites. It’s just about ammending labour laws close to that of any western country.

5. Xenophobia will definitely spring up towards them within the Nigerian territory.

6. They still did be solely dependent on Nigeria for an average of 20years before they have alternatives e.g Importation-Air and Sea, international flight, trade and commerce.

….just a few to mention


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