Pro Biafran compares Nnamdi Kanu to Mandela

A Nairalander with the moniker baike, compared IPOB leader Nnamdi KANU to Nelson Mandela, while blasting Asari Dokubo, a Niger Delta freedom fighter who has been speaking up for Nnamdi KANU and his Biafra independence cause.

In a Nairaland post, baike wrote: 

Nnamdi Kanu,
you are the new(Nelson Mandela) of Africa you where arrested for almost two years. for doing the same thing Nelson Mandela do for his people, without committing any crime, but only ask for freedom, which is a country on your own . 

But Buhari arrest you. And planning to Rearrest you again . But as a freedom fighter you stand for your people, not like Asari Dokubo and tompolo, who said they’re fighting for their people. but when Ghana-most-go of money was giving to them, they quiet, where is Tompolo? 

Now buhari and south-south and south-east governors are planning to give you the same Ghana-most-go of money,they give to Asari-dokubo and tompolo, but prove to Nigeria and even the world that you are the new Nelson Mandela.

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