Duterte offers to handover to the military

“A coup d’état? That’s not necessary. All Año has to do, or the commanding generals of the Armed Forces, all they have to do is to come here or tell me, ‘You step down.’ I will give it,” Philippines Ptesident Duterte told journalists on Monday.

He went ahead to describe ‘government as rotten’, giving the impression he wouldn’t mind leaving government. 

Duterte was responding to protests over the killing of a teenager in his drugs war. He has said that the police officers responsible would ‘rot in jail’ if found guilty of wrongdoing in the killing.

The killing has upset many in Philippines who feel Duterte’s war against drugs is excessively brutal and has led to several deaths of innocent people.

Ironically, the dead teenager wanted to be a policeman, according to his father, who was pictured consoling his mum as she consoled him. Alas, that dream has been cut short.


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