9 Things Some Heartless Men Tell Ladies To Manipulate Them Into Having Sex With Them!

Ladies, it is true! Some men have manipulative sentences they will use to try to get you to sleep with them even when you don’t want to!

One line I know that works a lot is to tell a teenage girl, “You are behaving like a small girl,” or, “Why you dey do like small pickin?” 

Some teenage girls on hearing that, will immediately open their legs to Mr Player on hearing this, just to prove to him that they ‘adults’! You don’t need to do that, Girl! If you don’t feel it is right, it doesn’t mean you are ‘small’.

I saw some other lines that guys use to manipulate girls in the link above. See an example below. Click the link above to read the rest.


Thief! You want to snatch her under her mama’s roof to pass the night in your motel, where will she sleep? On the floor while yousleep on the bed? 

What happens when the devil asks NEPA to the light and one terrible heat wants to kill both of you, you ask her to off her clothe so that “breeze” will blow on her abi? 

If the useless devil wants to kill it completely and he sends one mighty rain making everywhere cold and chilly, you offer to keep her warm by wrapping yourself around her on the bed her abi?

May God deliver some sisters from the spirit of foolishness and stupidity! 

You can’t pass the night without thinking of sex or doing it! What you will not eat, don’t bring it to your nose! You may escape first, second or even third time, the day he will pounce on you, no one will rescue you!

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