Igbo Man Points Out Courageous Acts By Yorubas In History To Debunk Yoruba Cowardice Myth

We saw the honest post below from Obi1kenobi an Igbo on Nairaland about Yorubas and decided to share it here. 

We removed the parts of his post that we disagree with and left the best part. See it below:

 Yorubas have a long, proud history of activist resistance. Your Felas and Gani Fawehinmis and Falanas etc. Soyinka spent a long time in jail advocating for Igbos and the Biafran cause…

Fajuyi died as a loyal devotee of Ironsi rather than give up his superior.

Of course, not all Yorubas are saints just as not all Igbo’s are saints, but we must appreciate the courageous actions of people like Soyinka who went to jail for Ndigbo during the Biafran civil war; Fela who fearlessly spoke truth to power; Adekunle Fajuyi, who chose to die with his boss Ironsi in 1966 out of principle- they are many, even in everyday life- many Yorubas who have shown amazing courage.

We are currently impressed with Fayose, a man so honest that he sent Ekiti Yoruba boys to learn trading from Ndigbo. Rather than denigrate Ndigbo for their ‘success in trade’ he chose to learn from them. Kudos (for now) to Fayose.

Update: Obi1kenobi was roasted on the Nairaland thread (lol) for saying the truth but has clapped back well, even though he is wrong to call out Igbos for praising themselves (nothing wrong with Igbos praise themselves if they are telling the truth).

You can join the convo at http://www.nairaland.com/3966550/target-groups-see-what-british

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