It is not Igbo for KANU to call his critics pigs

It is very unIgbo. An Igbo proverb says it all: Egbe bere ugo bere, nke si ibe ya ebena nku kwaa ya. ‘Let the eagle perch; let the kite perch, but if one does not want the other to perch, may his wings break.

In other words, Live And Let Live. In other words Igbo leaders should be tolerant of opposing views, Nnamdi KANU included.

An oline survey has shown that Nnamdi Kanu calling his opponents pigs and other abusive names has actually done some harm to his support potential among undecided Igbos. It has made some of them conclude that, were he to succeed in his Biafra quest, he may become a tyrannical dictator. And there is nothing Igbo’s hate more than tyrannical dictatorships.

The abusive words some members of his civil rights organization IPOB have adopted to characterise those that oppose their viewpoint on Biafra has undoubtedly had a similar negative effect.

We have always seen IPOB as first and foremost a Biafra-of-the-mind defender of Igbos. But the growing culture of abuse within some sections of the organization risk portraying it as a power hungry bullying group rather than a civil rights organization.

If that view is allowed to solidify, IPOB would have lost a great strategic advantage; for like OPC of the Yorubas, it should have a place defending Igbo rights through their effective and feared protest organuzation, whether in Nigeria or Biafra.

Nnamdi KANU should remember that Igbo Land, though having monarchs, has never been a monarchical tyranny. It has historically been a direct democracy where matters are debated freely before decisions are taken.

Debates are won by the merit of the ideas proposed and the skill in communicating those ideas.

Some time ago, a noble Nnamdi KANU told his followers to stop insulting his critics. Nnamdi KANU should follow that statemanly advice.

Nnamdi KANU is a bright Igbo leader. But he should not expect every Igbo to agree with IPOB on its Biafran path solution. 

The only noble thing he can do if faced with opposition from his Igbo brothers is to never cease in his efforts to convince them of the merits of his Biafra solution, not to throw insults around. 

Throwing insults will only serve to alienate those who even if they don’t agree with him, at least will respect him for his proven principles. For all it’s worth Nnamdi Kanu has no choice but to embrace Constructive Engagement

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

I am an Igbo prince. Onye Igbo ka m bu!

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