See photos of Barrister Ben Onwuka, self styled President of Biafra.

One of the photos is a 2014 prison photo, when he went to jail over Biafra.

Will the government arrest Ben Onwuka the way they arrested Nnandi KANU. Going by Kanu’s popularity and Mandela-like status among his followers now, I don’t think they will arrest Ben Onwuka- unless he does something much more serous than declaring Biafra.

Government does not want 2 Nnamdi Kanu’s. The one they have is already proving too hot to handle.

Government may even see Onwuka’s declaration as a ‘civil war’ within the Biafran independence movement and hope that Onwuka, Nnamdi Kanu and Uwazurike fight among themselves and give it a chance to relax.

MASSOB led by Uchenna Mmadu is still sticking with KANU for now. Only time will tell how long that will last.

One question many Nigerians will want to get an answer to though is: does Ben Onwuka support or oppose the Anambra November elections?

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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