‘Biafra As A Metaphor’

This brings to the fact that we are all biafras,against a ruling and political class, Biafra is a metaphor for the oppressed people of Nigeria by the ruling and political class for ages, they ‘ve raped and plundered us of our collective wealth,and have left us in shambles, they have left us morally intellectually bankrupt! 

What is left of the nation is carcass for over a hundred and fifty million people to grasp for! In this same biafra you will find all tribes and regions of Nigeria, void of the ruling class who wants the status quo to remain! 

Nigeria masses not in support of Nnamdi should not throw away the baby and the bathwater, there is sense even.in every nonsense, the crowd you see following him today is as a dearth of leadership, lack of proper and genuine role models who genuinely have the interest of the people at heart! 

They all claim to represent our interest but once voted in it becomes me my family and I!take a look at people like Asari, even.our president had same cult like followership cause people felt he was a deviation from.the norm of selfish leaders,but alas! I don’t know what went wrong! So a lot of youths bitter and battered by the state of hopelessness see this as an opportunity for freedom.and self realisation! 

They see a man.who is ready to dare all and stand for their common good as against the lure and wealth of the elites! So they embrace it without asking questions! After biafra what next?

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

I am an Igbo prince. Onye Igbo ka m bu!

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