The Zikist Movement Today: For Nigerian Unity, Against Igbo Marginalization

When the Zikist Movement was launched in the 1940s, it was about fighting colonialism and kicking it out of Nigeria. That was finally achieved in 1960.

But today, the Movement is about promoting Nigeria’s unity, while fighting the marginalization of the Igbos.

Today, there is no Federal presence in Igbo Land, while youth groups from other regions threaten genocide against Igbos if they don’t leave, abusing their constitutional rights. While other groups believe the answer is to break from this country, the Zikist Movement believes the answer is not to drag Igbos into a war where millions of lives would be at stake, like the last Nigerian Civil War.

As one of the groups that sacrificed to free this country from the chains of colonialism, we believe all sides should come together in unity and fairness, not tear apart in hatred and intolerance.

Zikist Movement also believes the Igbos should not just fall for any referendum gimmick by the youth groups that would give the South East Igbos a landlocked country while cutting them off from the South South Igbos.

Zikist Movement acknowledges the right of everyone to self determination, but believes that Nigeria should be given another chance. The Movement believes that rather than secede, the Igbos should demand strongly for their rights as Nigerians, including the rights to be placed on a level playing ground in Nigeria.

The focus of the Zikist Movement might evolve tomorrow but today, the focus is on promoting Nigerian Nationalism, while saying a big NO to marginalization of the Igbo people.

The Zikist Movement is open to every Nigerian. Indeed, the founders of this movement came from different parts of the country. Looking at the geopolitical origing such early members as Abiodun Aloba, Kola Balogun, Raji Abdullah, Sa’ad Zungur, Mbazulike Amaechi, Peter Osugo and many others it is clear that this is a national not a sectional movement.

Nigerians who believe in a united Nigeria and fight against marginalization of Igbos, people like Wole Soyinka, Balarabe Musa, and Ayo Fayose, would make good Zikists.

As ethnic forces try to tear Nigeria apart, as ethnic considerations threaten to turn October 1 from a day of unity to a day of division, it is fallen to we the Zikists to bind the nation’s wounds, to assist in reconciliation, to promote unity in diversity.

Otherwise, our nation may become engulfed in deep crises that would do nobody any good. Zikism does not say you should abandon your ethnic group and your culture. It says you should practice ‘unity in diversity’. Embrace your culture while you embrace your country.

To register as a member of the Zikist Movement and answer this national call, register at our blog and website,

We have walks for unity to make, unity-building articles to write and so many other activities that will go a long way in their own way to unite this country. When we unite this country, it will benefit us all.

God Bless Nigeria

Prince Charles Offokaja,
Zikist Movement

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