Macron Blames Africa’s Problems On ‘Africa’s Civilization’

French President Macron has blamed Africa’s problems on its civilization. He also complained of the millions of Euros France spends trying to ‘stabillize’ Africa.

Speaking at the G20 summit in Hamburg, he said;

“The challenges in Africa are totally different… It is civilisational. What are the problems in Africa? The failed states, the complex democratic transition, the demographic transition…”

Not done, Macron

went on to say that another challenge Africa faces is its increasing population, stating that Africa had a ratio of 7-8 children per woman.

His comments have drawn critisism online from people who say that is the kind of speech they would have expected from a far right politician but not from Macron.

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  1. Macron is complaining of the millions of Euro France spends each year trying to ‘stabilize’ Africa. Has he factored in the amount of money France siphoned from Africa through slave trade (genocidal kidnap and brain drain) and colonialism ( forced resource exploitation and deliberate underdevelopment)?

    Half the wars being experienced in Africa today are because France and other European countries bunched Africa up into several artificial nations in their greedy bid to exploit out continent at the Congress of Berlin where they scrambled for Africa. Macron cannot wash his country’s hands from the mess Africa and her people’s are in today.

    Even Bakassi: It was France’s backing that emboldened Cameroon to seize it from Nigeria. Today Nigerians are being killed by Cameroonian gendarmes with impunity because Cameroon knows she can count on France for help if Nigeria tries to teach her a lesson in manners.

    Anyway, it is not Macron I blame, but our political class that has dug Nigeria deeper into the shithole we were thrown into, instead of digging US out of it.

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