Igbo Governors, Igbo Foreign Investors & IPOB Must Lead Restructuring (In Nigeria)

The Igbo governors should step up to the plate. We currently have 7 Igbo governors in the South Eastern and South South states. These governors should seriously, I mean seriously begin economic collabo.

The Igbo private sector has already shown what can happen through the Innosons (indigenously manufactured cars); Chinedu Echeruo (creating billion dollar apps); Nollywood (number 3 movie industry in the world-even bigger than the Chinese movie industry), etc. We can and should build on that. Our governors should restructure Igbo Land and neighbouring ethnic groups economically.

Igbo private sector outside Igbo Land should restructure by seeing themselves as foreign investors and multi-national companies. What do Shell, Chevron, MTN, Shoprite do? They repatriate most of their profits to their homelands.

Every Igbo outside Igboland should have social media compliant phones, so that if any envious non Igbo decides to commit atrocity like genocide, he would be recorded and his crime sent to the International Criminal Court for prosecution.

Igbo blogs, not just www.Igbodefender.com, should be ready to broadcast any genocide against Ndigbo because publicity is half the battle. Igbos should go massively into social media. Yes, we have Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Stella Dimokokus and others, but we should take over blogging. it is not a crime.

IPOB should keep their international protest movement fit. When IPOB protests, the world listens and does what IPOB demands. That is why we are asking IPOB to shun the referendum gift given It by the Northern youth groups.

Because if IPOB doesn’t and gets it, Igbos will not here excuse about not being able to import or export freely, because the country has no seaports.IPOB should form a political party and have a cultural nonviolent worldwide wing like OPC but with protest not guns.

They want us to leave but they cannot force us to leave as if they didnt kill 3 million of our people.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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