Biafra Referendum: Igbos Would Require Visa, Work Permit To Re-enter Lagos, Abuja

The request by some Northern youth groups for Igbos in the South East to be allowed to hold referendum and become Biafra is a trap. It is intended to turn the South East into the world’d biggest ‘independent’ prison. Why do we say so? Let’s examine the facts. 

Igbos would no longer be Nigerian citizens and therefore could easily be deported from Lagos and other parts of Nigeria: instead of traveling around Nigeria freely as Nigerian citizens, they would have to return to Biafra and go to the Nigerian Embassy to get visa to return to their properties in Lagos, Abuja, etc. 

Something tells me that if ever Igbos are mass deported in this situation, they will have to pay through their noses to go back to their jobs and houses and schools in Nigeria. And some Nigerian state governments would impose quota saying, ‘ Now we have tricked the Igbos out. Let us impose immigration quota on them to keep them out. Nigeria will only accept 10,000 Igbo immigrants per year. And any Igbo coming in must be made to pay through their nose for visa and work permit.’ South East Igbos, how about that?

If you try to shout that you were born in Lagos and are therefore a Lagosian, they will remind you that you are no longer a Nigerian citizen but a foreigner, since your people decided to vote for ‘independence’.

So, all  of you Igbos that live outside the South East don’t rejoice over this referendum. Defeat it with common sense reasoning.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

I am an Igbo prince. Onye Igbo ka m bu!

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