Stop paying estimated electricity bill, report to us if disconnected-NERC

According to Premium Times, the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), which regulates Nigeria’s power companies has asked Nigerians who did not get meters from NERC to stop paying bills to the distribution companies (discos), and to report any disco that disconnects them to NERC.

The commission said this is a disciplinary measure on the discos, as they were asked and agreed to provide all consumers with meters for metered billing (not estimated billing) before now, but failed to do so.

In the directive NERC states thus:

“1.    Any MD customer that was not metered by 1 March 2017 shall not pay any electricity bill presented by a distribution company on the basis of estimated billing methodology and these customers are advised to report this to the Commission.

“2.    No distribution company shall disconnect any MD customer that was not metered by 1 March 2017 on the basis of the customer’s refusal to pay a bill issued after the compliance deadline on the basis of estimated billing methodology.

“3.    Any MD customer that was not metered by 1 March 2017 should notify the Commission directly.”

Kudos to NERC on this. They should not stop the fight until every consumer is issued prepaid meter.

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  1. So if PHCN officials disconnect our transformer or take ‘their’ wires or what are we to do? Call police to arrest them or fight them? This is easier said dan done.

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