Igbo Threatens Global Legal Battle If Igbo Properties Are Siezed In The North

The threat by some Northern Nigerian youth groups to forcefully evict the Igbo ethnic group from Northern Nigeria and sieze their properties has elicited legal threats by an online activist in Nairaland, new2020 that unlike the asset siezures that Igbos faced after the Nigeria-Biafra War, this time the Igbos would mount a huge legal campaign against such. In a thread in Nairaland, he wrote:

Israel faced this (asset siezures) in 1948 but sued many countries that dared it, not only did they win but also lobbied powerful international laws in the UN to protect nations from this. You didn’t know this? Try it and see.

This accompanies other
legal threats by Igbo activists to take any Northern Nigerian youth group or government to the International Criminal Court (ICJ) on a charge of ethnic cleansing, should members of the Igbo ethnic group be ejected from Northern Nigeria as has been threatened. Ethnic Cleansing, which is defined as the eviction or killing of members of an ethnic group because of their ethnicity is considered a Crime Against Humanity, and the pepertrators of such act are liable to criminal prosecution in the ICJ.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst