If Lagos can house 25 million people, Anambra and Imo can house all Igbos

Ndewo umu Igbo bu Igbo,
I saw the inspiring post shared below about how Igboland can be developed and said I must post it hear. Ugomba who wrote it has a lot of great ideas that can develop Igboland for us.

Read it and if you have more ideas on how we can turn our land into a developed part of Africa please share in the comments. Ala Igbo ga adi mma o buru na anyi ncha jiko aka I dozi ya.

I laughed out loud when I saw the threat of Northern youths to Igbos, ordering them to leave the north.
The North don’t want restructuring, what do they now want?
Do these northerners know the implications of these threat?
90% of Internal Generated Revenue in the North are gotten from Taxation of Igbo markets, Hotels, Factories etc.
NDI IGBO, Listen, Lagos is the most populated state in Nigeria with 25+million occupants and the same lagos ironically has the smallest landmass in Nigeria, If Lagos can contain 25million people, then Enugu and Anambra alone can contain All Igbos.

Igbo land is bigger than Rwanda, Israel, Gambia, Singapore etc and these are Countries of their own.
If Egypt can build an artifical canal as seaport, Igbos can dredge the Obeaku water in Ukwa, Abia state to the Atlantic.
It is 12nauticals to the atlantic ocean .
There is Oil and gas in Igbo land, from Egbema, Ukwa, Ndoki, Oguta, Ogbaru etc
what about Solid minerals like Limestones, Coal, Tin, Columbite, Timber etc that are in commercial size in Igbo land.
We have huge markets, and most importantly a very great Human Resources.
I call upon all Igbo investors in the North to start the process of relocating their businesses to the east,
why will an Imo man build a hotel in jigawa when he can build it in Oguta or Okigwe?
Why will an Abia man build a mall in Kano when he can build it in Umuahia
Why will umeofia want to build a tomato product industry in sokoto when he can build in Onitsha, Nnewi or Asaba.
– Lets build international airports in Igbo areas just like Sam mbakwe build the imo airport by shrewd contribution.
Lets copy the Israeli method who returned home and build their homeland.
– Some Towns in Igbo land like Arochukwu, Orlu, Okigwe, Nnewi, Afikpo, Nsukka, etc should be build and transformed into a city.
– Do you know that Coal in Enugu can power up the whole Igbo land or alternatively the Gas in Oguta and Egbema can power up a Gas power plant in Igbo land.
Don’t forget the already existing Thermal power plant in Alaoji Abia that is built by Barth Nnaji.
– What about Aba? We can open up Industrial estates in Nnewi,Aba, Asaba, Okigwe etc and start producing some products we will use in Igbo areas inorder to grow the GDP and IGR.
– What about Agriculture? Farming should be given and commercialised to Big farm investors.
By the way, when you Eat Oha soup or Nsala soup, how many of the ingredient come from the North? NONE.
Is it their beef? Ebonyi can build a massive cow farm, Imo can build a massive Poultry farm etc.
We can get and produce our own meat.
– Lets build more markets and High rise Residential buildings for easy and organised accomodation.
– Where are our industralists and investors, it is time to saturate the entire Igbo land with trillions worth of your investments.
– What about our own media, we need investment in internationalised media in Igbo land so that we can tell our story and advertise our land to the world.
– What about ICT Park in Igbo land, we have the brains to grow many service based and logistic technopreneurship in Igbo land.

The empty threat by the northern youths should be a wakeup call.
Even if you want to base outside Igboland, then travel abroad.
Respect comes when your house is in order.
IGBOS lets think home.
UGOMBA- The Anioma First Son

Source: http://www.nairaland.com/3847671/ways-build-up-igbo-land

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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